This is (Resume?)

Che-Fen Huang


I'll keep updating this page

2019 status : Technological Unemployment

I do not have a job now

Maybe... I can offer

Oh percentage means how much I spend on it (p.s. CSS provement)

  • Pure JS
  • Motion Design
  • CIS Design
  • UI/UX
  • ...
  • Hack My Life
  • PM My Life

Am I a tool-box?

What I can talk with my computer

oh don't measure myself

  • Python
  • React
  • Vue.JS
  • D3.JS
  • Sketch
  • Framer
  • Adobe AI & PS
  • Adobe AE & Premiere


Try my best to tell you something...not important

  • 2014

      I found my passion of Design

    • I spent 1 month building my first website via wordpress + php + boostrap

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  • 2015

      I found my passion of Social Media

    • I spent 1 month building my first Facebook fanpage with 3.1k fans

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  • 2016

      I got a job as a video editor

    • I spend 1.9 years edited videos and created some motion graphics

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  • 2017

      I collected all my design works on issuu

    • Now I felt it was a disaster

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  • 2018

      I got a chance to build a DApp

    • I spent 6 months and finally finished my first DApp and it's hard to play though

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  • 2019

      I got a chance to lose a job

    • I am doing some side projects that might fail now, but I got nothing to lose, ya!

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